Connecting rice fields to the Internet,
managing your crop from your pocket.



Logo, App UI, web, 3D modeling


Communication, branding (logo, web, promotion), UX/UI design, 3D modeling 


In rural areas rice farmers are older people who do not necessarily live near their fields. Yet rice paddies in particular require meticulous daily monitoring in order to maintain a constant water level. To solve this, Digital Gragae.inc's R&D team built techrice, which is a open source cloud-based service which sends farmers notifications only when water runs out. ( by Cherise Fong)


Introducing the latest technology to local famers
To understand the user's need, our team bought a farm land in Chiba-district and experienced rice farming ourselves. We received honest feedbacks from the local famers and improved our application's UI and the product design. 



Since June 2014, I have been collaborating with international engineering team and acted as a creative lead for techrice. I gained problem solving skills, speed prototyping skills, and user interviewing skills.




Research on the fact : 
Farmers average in Japan 65.8 yrs old


Fields trip :  
To understand farmers need, we bought a small rice fields and
became farmers


Receiving feedbacks: 

  • There are elderly who does not know how to use smartphones
  • There are many young freelancers who are moving into the Kamogawa district who are interested in doing farming as a secondary job
  • Kamogawa community is very strong and the young farmers and old farmers are willing to help each other

Target user : 


Users activity flow :
techrice serves as a connection between young farmers and elderly farmers and creates a sustainable system

 deploying techrice

deploying techrice

techrice user

techrice family


icon process

 app UI for elderly users

app UI for elderly users

 techrice user plans

techrice user plans

Box Design

app UI

web UI