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Risa Hiyama

Staff product designer

I take full ownership to drive impact to business through design

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Mobile app
for truck drivers

Responsible for user research, product strategy, product management, and design.

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​Sign-up flow optimization

Responsible for user research, analysing quantitative data, product strategy, and design.

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Japan's no.1 transit app

Responsible for designing congestion mapping using 40 million users data.

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Texting platform
for public figures

Shipped 8+ flagship features and led the design for the engagement pod.

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Make meetings better

Worked with Phil Libin, the founder of Evernote, to build an app from ideation till general release. Responsible for UI/UX design, user research, and designing.

Coming soon
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Professional Journey

Takeaways from each opportunity

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Driving strategic alignment, clarify, excitement 

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Data aware

Leveraging data to make better product decision

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Doing whatever it takes to reach product market fit as fast as possible.

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Yahoo! Japan 

Understanding the design responsibility and impact for the lives of 40M users

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Watch the latest video
at Risa Pizza

Youtube about product design and tech.


Designing for impact.  

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Let's work together

I'm a Japanese Product Designer raised in 7 cities. My diverse background enables me to create solutions from various perspectives.

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