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The future of freight

The Future of Freight

Mothership is a marketplace for truck drivers and shippers. I lead the mobile app redesign for truck drivers.

Designer & PM


Mobile App


10 weeks

“Don’t make them think


Shipped the mobile app with seven major UX enhancements. I also lead the user research, defined the product development process, and coordinated with the internal stakeholder as a PM.


Shipment volume doubled and shipment completion rate went down from 85% to 68% due to the lack of support resources

Mothership was in need for a scalable product which can self-serve driver without contacting the support team. 

Schedule tab design process

Throughout the user research process, we discovered that the original app was making drivers make decisions manually which caused confusion and miss-shipments. Therefore I proposed the "Schedule" tab. 

Final Design

Introducing the schedule tab which guides the users every step of the way.

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In-product growth loop

Sign up optimization for web

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